I'm the bastard. I stand for my words and deals. I'll fight against you if you dear to say the words you know I hate, so shut up all the rest.

I don't know you anymore, I don't desirve to be near you or getting to know you anymore, but I do know I fucking miss you. My life sucks without you!!!!!! Don't think I'm begin' for anything. Just want you to know... Even if you say we'll be friends, my answer is going to be -hell no.  

To Ms C.. and thats all I've got today.

Postat av: Sari

Ni måste ju lösa det här förr eller senare!!!!

Ju förr, desto bättre säger jag!!!!

Det är ju ni 2!!!!!

Peace & Love Girls!!!!

2010-10-14 @ 19:44:07
Postat av: Cajz

my life sucks without you too.

why hell no?!

2010-10-19 @ 22:22:46
URL: http://thelifewithcajz.webblogg.se/
Postat av: Cajz

my life sucks without you too..

why hell no?

2010-10-19 @ 22:24:13
URL: http://thelifewithcajz.webblogg.se/

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