Went to movies with Heidi (my sisters doughter) earlier.

We saw "It's complicated", it was funny, great actors.
Tomorrow I'm working, just for a few hours, then I'm leaving town, having my hair done and before we leave, I'll have a coffee with Cajz somewhere.
Now I got stuff to do. Later...


We've been sitting here and had this talk about childhood in hours, and what kind of CRAZY, STUPID, & Awesome things you do as a child. I wish my children never become like me...
No kidding!
Monday I'll hopefully get my hair done. I'll get the colour off, get a new one, and going straight to top! ;)
Now we're going to bed.. Love my Sheila.

Cajz, CarolynAh in Stockholm shopping.


Had a few glasses of wine with cajz att first, Then we moved on to G and Mobergs.
Actually it wasnt that fun as it use to be but still OK.

My new shoes were on! ;)

Cajz, doing her Make up!

Playing and singing a few great songs!

Mami took a pic before we left building. Ready for Party!

Gorgeous Madame!


And today..You see, you can't be without a yammi pizza. 

And My hair came! :) You'll see it ON later! We just ordered to Cajz too!

Anyways, we'll see a movie now just lay in bed with some Cheeseballs and coke! Enjoy the evening people!

Miss school

It's Friday! What are you going to do?

I miss school.. take a coffee with everyone, have these terrible speaches, eat lunch in the classroom, talk about nothing... I want to change job also...

Clown .


Just took a bath, like a new human!

I put on my mask and enjoyed my little SPA. ;)  It'll be cozy to put myself in bed! 

Ha ha, like a clown!

Out Of Sweden.

Hi, Dear You.

To make my life an adventure I have to travel. There was a girl the other day who wanted to start working. I read her CV and saw that she has been out of sweden, and done much fun stuff I have not had the time or afford for before. Now it's my turn! I'll invite some funny one! Caaajz, are you reading? ;)

Playa Del Ingles. This place I visited when I was 6 years old.



Today I've met evil people.... GOSH sometimes wish I could yell back!

I am in a bad mood right now and can not stand to talk to anyone.
Tomorrow my sister and I will go to a party again in Stockholm. :) I'll try to figure out what to wear. Help?

hair, hair, hair!

Now I've ordered HAIR! from !
It's the same hair I had before, and I think its great.  


Sholilolo Everyone!

Today I worked all day, and my hip has been difficult, it has been since I started the Thai-boxing.
Today Cajz came in to work and had a happy smile on the face, so then I knew that she had passed her driving test. She is so good and I am so proud of her!
Now I'll write clearly an interview I had in October with a leader. Then I'll take a shower and put me in front of the TV.

Hope everyone had a good day!


Need your answer here.

How old are you?

What is a Crush?

What is a Crush?

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A crush involves admiring someone from a safe distance. You feel a hugely powerful emotion, stronger than anything you've felt before. You obsess over this person. You would die for them. You think about them constantly. You are thrilled when you are near them and miserable when you are away from them. You desperately want to tell the person how you feel - but are frightened of it at the same time.



If you're involved in a crush - enjoy it! We have ALL had crushes over the years and they're something you look back on with great fondness. Look at what makes your crush special. Those qualities that you admire in your crush are qualities that are very special to you, and it's very important to learn what those are. It helps you when you look for a real boyfriend or girlfriend to date, to know what you are drawn to.



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Hey !

PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG!!! We've been drinking whole night, first we were at "G", then we moved on to "trädgården". later "Mobergs". It was a great evening! We met cool guys and had alot of alcohol! After Mobergs we went to a party at friends house, we came home 8 a.m went to bed, woke up 12. I had a few glasses of water the last hours so I feel great today!
We recognized we didnt have cigarettes so we took a cab to market, Cajz's having a bad hangover! HA!!! I told her! ;)


* Food
* Shower
* Make up
* Wine
* "G"

Have a great Saturday night!!

22 J

Hey Sheilas and Mates!!! zzzup?

Today I went to Stockholm with Christian and paid my passport. Then I went to täby c, and bought me a pair of shoes. They are fantastic! -Too bad its impossible to shop with boys, they are in such a hurry.

I also bought 5 shirts and 2 pair tights.

After täby, I went home to my oldest sister and visited her newborn son, Walter.

Arrived .

Hi Ya'll!
Just came home from work, and I also bought some food. Now I'm going to see a movie with my family and Christian. First I need a shower.... Tjingeling!

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Z : You're Super cool

After work

After work, I went down to the city, bought a few things and met Mike Pitt, we sat down and talked for a while. Cozy, cozy, cozy... Now I'm just too tired to do anything, trying to call Christian but no answer. *sad eye*
I also went to a little store named "zoo", found the most perfect things for my dog ever! So the girl whos working there promised to order those cool things :) You'll see....
Take Care, CarolynAh


Just woke up... and the time is very early, couldnt fall asleep again. Time for some work.

Take care, CarolynAh


Important notice to you, everyone! Support "save the children" work now in Haiti. They need our help now more than ever! It's about saving lives, and you can help. Browse no further now, but waiver 10 SEK by sending "10katastrof" to 72950, or "katastrof" if you want to send 50 SEK.

18th, sports gala.


Yesterday we came to "globen", was met by a glass of champagne, and then it was dinner with several glasses of wine. There were troubadours, and much entertainment.

Louise, Birgitta, Linda and Sari.

My sister, Sari.

Some pictures from dinner...
Our room was pretty bad, considering that it could not go to the bathroom without people looking. It was a glass wall there.

Finally the big gala, didnt get a good picture, and I didnt have time to fix it either... I had my eyes on Carl Philip and Martin Stenmark. ;)


G'dmorning Neverland!

Me and Siz are picking and packing clothes, very stressed, yep, thats why I'm sitting here...
Hope you'll have a beautiful Monday.
Later, CarolynAh



Hurts everywhere..... Can someone give me massage?!


I've finally woken up. The evening / night / morning was pure fucking drama. First we sat at a small restaurant and talked and drank a few beers. Then we went on to "Mobergs" and that was where all the drama began ... nothing that I want to write about.
I fell down the stairs and hit my head pretty well. I've just tried to sleep away the pain today.
Tomorrow we are going to the sports gala. We'll see if we get any hotel or if we should take a taxi home!

 My friend Cajz.


Before shooting... It was fun, but we didnt have time to do everything I wanted to.

black n' white......

HANGOVER TODAY!!! Drama-night...

Computer crashed... both of them!!!

Computer didnt work yesterday. :( I'll update when I got my computer back so I can upload beauty-pictures...;)

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Results tomorrow.

It's rock n' roll baby!

Tomorrow's a shooting-day. Means I have alot to do. You'll see the results then....

More hair.

Buy hair? ..Hmm.  JAAAPPP!!
After my haircut, I started to miss my hair... thinking of buying more of it.

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Goooodmorning everyone!

Today I was awakened by the fact that Niklas and his friend woke me up. The doorbell rang as hell and the dogs barked as fools. I got up and made coffee, and talked nonsense. Long time since I met him, so it was fun!

Thursday - Available - I'm going to pack.
Friday - Available - Photography.
Saturday - Work - Travel to Stockholm, meet Simon.
Sunday - Continue to pack.

By CarolynAh

By CarolynAh

By CarolynAh



It's freakin' cold at my sisters place, so you need a bath often.

Candles, a movie, wine, and just relax...

Waiting for Cajz, shes eating at her friends place, shes going to sleep here tonight.
I met my oldest sister today by the way, was a long long time ago... She has been hospitalized recently cause she will have a child anytime. Aunt Carolyn, again!

Something totally (un)interesting.

I woke up in MY OWN bed this morning!! Wonderful, wonderful...
Now I'm eating while waiting for mom. Shes going to drive me to work. Starting at 13.


  • Sports gala 18th January (What should I ware!?!?)
  • Barcelona in March (jiiiihaa)



Sitting here, thinking of the photoshoot on friday. I have thousands of ideas, they are so many I don't even have time to do all of them. I talked to Cajz earlier about it, we looked at the VOUGE magazines... tried to figur something out, and came up with the most coolest ideas ever.. was funny. However, hope all good. :)

Not at work this time!

A day full of shit and joy.

Christian and Pontus came over...

I got my very own hairdresser. Look how short she cut it! Aw!
But my hair needed it.

The clowns. It was time to stand on hands.

It's not like "what a floor" as you can belive....ha ha.
"I can also go down in split"!!

On hands!!! ON HANDS!! ooon haaands!! look! ...On hands! Come on, on haaands!

This went very serious. Check out their faces!

Some of the....

Hi, as you've seen we had a homeparty yesterday, here is some uploads... :)

Here's the girls!
Lipstick, yeah right...
My Siz, Sari
Me and Sari
S & C
Girls just wanna have fun!
Wine and toys!
Party goes on..
C is ordering.
Trying pills,
Okey, here we go!
..and swollow
Shall we share?
It might fit in..
Right about now..
ha ha..
More wine please.
Shit, try it!! It's moving!
Wonder what that is Cajz?
I belive the pills are working.
Jessica and Cajz.
Try it!
Smoking hot!
Turning wild.
The pink rabbit. Popular.
ui ui uiii!

That was some of the pictures from yesterday, was really fun and lots of joy. Homeparty's really something I can recomend all to have. To order party, visit

Take care!


HEEY YALL!!! TODAY'S THE HOMEPARTY! Pictures are coming later.... Lots of yammiiii, ;) Just wait n' see...


Ha ha, from the Playboy-party in Stockholm.
 Welcome to the party, yeah right, I didn't fit in at first my sister said, so from dress to ......something else.

a boring one, Günther, Hugh Hefner.

Gurra or Gabriella maybe? & Me

Oh hell no, not all pics...


Hi !! :) Wzzzup?

Tomorrow, Friday, I'm going to spend my time in "Vätö", a place in the middle of nowhere. Saturday, still vätö, but my sister is having a homeparty later at that night, and I'm not able to come. Pretty sad. Only a girl's night, to read more about homeparty's, visit
Have fun!


Going to work, bus goes about 15 minutes.. its -25 outside!! My lips are falling off, and my nose is ..also falling. Almost.
This weather really sucks... Need some summer!!
8th mars, come to the GAY-boat and dance!! ;) See you there!


We are introverted and boys are outward facing, but we really just the same. Their balls are like our ovaries are. Art! Right?...Think about it.



Just finished work, now sitting here with Cajz... smooooking alot!!! ;)
Writing more later, have not time right now.

Beautiful Josefine

For those who hasnt seen them yet.

Poor me.

I'm tired of not being able to sleep. Always the same... should probably recruit someone who can scratch my back every night. It makes it even worse now that I have a cold. Poor me.... 


Need a girl.

 This make up, I need to do on someone. 
                                                   Anyone? Please e-mail me, or contact me somehow.
                                                   A day-job.

Happy N.Y

Hey... I hope you had a wonderful New Year. We were in Stockholm, ate wonderful dinner and before we even landed in Stockholm me and Cajz, needed to shop, cause we forgot to pack half the stuff.

  Mike & Cajz, waiting for the bus.

 Finally food on table!

 CarolynAh, ready for party!

 Cajz goes Hula Hula!

 Nails need to be done!

 III'm tellin' ya!!!

 oh sweet lord...heavy night.

 wonder what she dreams about.

 New Year coffee.


Going to write more tomorrow.... and upload some pics ;)

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