Hi! On Thursday I was at home with my sister with her and Jill. We went through some fun things that are on Here we have set up a few different oils that you can see!

                                                 They know how to do it ! 

Then we went to the erotic-fair in Alvik/Stockholm... Sorry, but we were not allowed to have the camera with us inside.


...CarolynAh                                                           ...Sari


I'm going to update this site saturday. I will spend a few days in Stockholm/at work...

Pink dress goes on!

It has been my worst day at work ever. After work I went home to "Korken", he was about to clean his closet, so I got 3 shirts from him, then Christian drove me home.
Now I'm at home and I'll shower the dog, then I'll lay down on the couch and watch TV. Tomorrow I'll buy some VOGUE magazines, hopefully I get more ideas for shootings :)

Black nails, crazy make up, sexy shoes, a cool bag by (J.Choo... )

My day is going to suck .

C has a pisst boss right now...

That Mr.Forsling kills

Niklas Forsling, photo: CarolynAh

You will only see these two photos... (Da killah)

Daily life

Sunday today. Most of you know sundays suck. I have anyway talked with my favorite Niklas and asked him over. I have no idea what to do ... But probably drink coffee.

We got our clothes yesterday that we should have at erotic fair on Friday and Saturday. It was, unfortunately, not as we wanted, but it's too late to change that now. Too bad it will have to be wrong.

A new idea...

Hi! When I left work today, my sister, me and Theodor went to the flea market, had hoped to find something fun and maybe to shoot someone in, but I didnt. On the way there, I saw a field, and a roadwork area. I came up with this idea to sew a tunic or dress of a white, large plastic bag that you can cut or do whatever you'd like to, and then shoot in a field. When I've made this to reality I'll upload pictures so you will see! :) Love love, CarolynAh

Todays Lovely Ms. Olsson.

Today Ive been shooting as you can see. In the pictures above, is my absolute best friend Cajsa Olsson. I came up with these cool ideas with eye shadow across her face and very weird put also. It's the ones with black and with much glitter.
Other idea was to take on a high level foundation (including the lips) and dip your fingers in water and gently pat it on your face. I poured the flour, and then we took the eyeliner on eyes and lips. Easy and artistic! Got inspired and came up with this when we got the new VOGUE magazine to work this week. Cool ha?

FACE, Stockholm!

Need to make a trip to our dear big-city Stockholm. A make-up store is what I need to find good and strong make-up! I've tried hundreds of times with some of my own. Make-up I got in christmas present in a box that I dont use. It's terrible... 
I was thinking about FACE in Stockholm, belive they have great stuf... You'll se more of that later, in boxes and ON someone. Take care! 

Black is tight!

            My sweethearts (soon) By J.Choo, and for fuck sakes, dont by them before I do...


Okey Sheilas...
If you have a goal, you need to decide to just do it.
Once you decide, you will automatically begin to strive for your goal.

  • Dont say you want, you think... tell me you already are. For example, I am a dancer, I am a singer and so on. Fake it till you make it!!
  • Thinking and awareness are causing your behaviour and attitude. Your behaviour and attitude cause unwanted results you are presently getting. Negative ideas are destructive. Theyre holding you back. Replace your negative habits by positive ones. What are your habits? Which ones would you like to change?
  • To be successful in replacing negative habits with positive ones, you must have a good reason. That good reason is a goal. make sure you fall in love with you goal. It has to be very important to you.
  • "Do the thing and you will get the energy to do the thing".    

    A long time ago, since childhood, I wanted to shoot. I was always behind the camera to partys, dinners, etc. in everyday life. But we are all human beings going through a period where we are doing something else, such as teens take much time and sacrificing their time for friends and silly things you know.
    Deep down, I am a photographer. I do not need to be trained photographer to call myself a photographer. I know how to put a great pic right!? Should be enough.
    I know my ideas and how I want the image to be. Simple as it sounds! I am creative and want to get a lot of reality in order to allow others to see it and give me some sort of criticism, because that is what we need to actually continue what we are doing. Am I right?
    If I want my life to look like in a way, then I create the life I want.
    If I want my wardrobe to look like in a way, then I create that closet.
    It's so easy guys! Don't wait and just do it!! I know a supercool website that you can join in, which may seem a little boring at first, but it is so effective. There are videos by Bob Proctor, Life Coach, who is really good and knows what he's talking about. I was once at the Hotel Sheraton in Stockholm to see Paul Martinelli (a man whos working with Bob) just talking about goals in life. It gave me an incredible inspiration. My whole life changed for a short time. I quit smoking, I changed my habits completely, which can be the hardest thing a human can do. Give it a chance and go into Do what you want in your life! And I'd love to answer your questions if youre wondering 'bout somthing. Just email me or drop a comment.

    My awesome teacher at this cours wrote;

    Hi Carolyn!

    I think you're totally awesome! What a woman! I have seen your progress, and just enjoyed ... because I've still not done anything ... it's you who does it all by yourself. One can only lead the horse to water, as they say ... all do not drink, but you have had a thirst, and enough sense to understand that rely on this particular watering hole is not toxic, that anyone who does not want to be fooled
    mm so on.

    Thank you for being so kind to yourself.
    Thank you for being such a great role model for your colleagues, friends, family ... You will just go on forever!

    I'm sitting here with a huge smile in my face and tears in my eyes!
    Thank you for being there. And thanks for that, I learned a lot from you!

    Hi Carolyn!
    Now I have read you mail again and I am impressed again... you write so well, Carolyn... victim, so to speak!! I do not know if I had time to say it during the course - that when you decide to change, it can be good with one thing at a time ... :) You have now discovered this myself. And you know exactly what to do now to meet your goals. You have received the reward, and you have continued to take the decision and again and again ... this is what it is about - to continue to make decisions that support a self at all times.

    Hi Anne!
    I would like to write back and talk to Carolyn, her letter blew me away. Thank you /Stefan (the guy who spoke before Mr. Martinelli at the Hotel)


LV and Jimmy choo


A pic I was inspired by - Body painting/face painting is something I wanna do right now. I want to use my creativity with fluff, paper, body spray, cool colours, jewelrys, fake tattoos, CD's, dresses, candy, and much more.
This Louis Vuitton girl (wearing the cocky look), as some people can not bear up, unfortunately.
I dig her face, her colours, but the clothes she wears, is something I wouldnt wear. Not even the bag. The blue colour I easily puke on. That girl can make a thousands of bloody good pictures. Who's next to be footed as the "cocky one" by me? Collection for 2010.
We should all congratulate Jimmy Choo, who has recently become H&M's new designs
He has an incredibly good taste in clothing and shoes. A moment ago I checked into a girl's blog and she had a few pictures of a pair of shoes that I immediately fell in love with. High heels, black and fits a rocker like me! You'll see them when I have them in my shoppingbag or on my feet!!!




Hi All Happy people!
Got my card now. I hope now that everything will go great! 27th is erotic fair. Be there!
Soon mami will give me a ride to work. Will be working 9.45-16.15 then I must go home at rocket speed and take a shower and do my makeup again and go to Stockholm.
The schedule this week is full. Mostly job, then I will photoshoot and just meet friends.

Now I long for coffee at work, so I'll try to ask mami come on (talking on the phone) and give me a ride.

I'll write more later! Have fun!

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