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BY: CarolynAh

My Beautiful Girl. Time for sleep...

New make up!

Today's New Make up!!

I'll give Isadoras new's a try...

Isadora, eyeshadow, my colours! :

FAVORITE TODAY, Lipstick from Nivea! Will make so many beautiful faces on captures! ;)

My favorite powder.

I've been looking everywhere for this eye-brown pen.


Ready ready ready ready reeady

Make up's on, ready for workwork!!!

Need your help guys!

More visiters, I'm glad youre reading and checking out the site! :)

Does anyone have ideas of wearing for New Year? Please write.. As I said I'm going to Gothenburg, and I have panic, cause I dont even have time to think and fix!

Loves n' Hugs... And remeber before steping out from blogg, drop an idea.

B art.

L's & G's

L's & G's! Okey, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Hope you guys remember your Christmas eve and I hope it was something to remember. 
We had dinner and ye ye, we did all those things you usually do.
Anyways, I'm leaving town 31/12, Going to spend New Year in Gothenburg. My first visit there actually. Hopefully I have a model there waiting for me...;)

F sund's.
I need a cigarette and coffee cause this lady has a bad headache.

Pic taken in Stockholm few weeks ago.

Merry Christmas babes!

Some pictures taken today.

Hope you all had a really nice Christmas. We have been eating well and opened Christmas presents, listening to music and spent time together. NO DONALD DUCK.
At the picture; Me and my big sister Sari Marianne before dinner.

In love.

Talkin' at phone, trying to speak with Simon and write at the same time...
I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO DO ABOUT 2 YEARS... IT IS GOING TO BE SOO AWESOME LADIES!! God I love I was born in the wrong country!!!! ;)
My life is the best! You'll see..

 Dont forget to visit


Have A nice day!! More later!

Miss a friend....

Hi.. dog's bleeding, its snowing ...alot, I'm not tired yet...gaah.
Miss my best friend. Her....

                                                                   photo: CarolynAh


Sweet dreams again people!

Hi everyone...
Been working today, started at 9.15. I'm Finito. Now in bed, but not in sleep.
Too bad I'm not having time for shooting, hopefully in the holidays though, cause we are going to spa in Stockholm at Saturday with work. ;) I have alot of things to do those days actually. Friday working I'm also going to see Alexander playing his music somewhere in the big city, Saturday spa, party (maybe) and Sunday ...well, I'm not telling u. (sorry);) More later...really need to sleep!! Seems like thats all I'm doing ha ha...

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