-Move On

Once again
I told you I loved you
Even if I knew
you wouldnt come back
So u turned ur back
and drew away
with the most
happiest face
I think and I'll;

Move on, move on, move on...

I said goodbye
to the one I loved
with my broken heart
I'm too tired to think
I'm all alone now
fighting for right thoughts
fighting for a chance
with, or without you
Move on, move on, move on...

Nattetid. ideér/tankar som dyker upp... fram med gitarren, papper och penna. Behöver inte alls vara avancerat.
Godnatt alla ni. "Fuckin' stay happy, if you don't have a reason to be sad n' ur feelings/emotions are cool. Enjoy life, coz there aint always gonna be good days, maybe tomorrow will be the first day in hell".


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